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Did you have that dream and goal before that once you will have your own bedroom you want to do whatever that represent you as a person? You just want your own room so you can post your favorite painting and posters that inspires you. Since you have now and you forgot about that, we will help you through interior designers in Kansas City have ideas on that to do and what to design on your room. Here are some ideas:


In your master bedroom, a good gorgeous stone wall or would walls can bring in nature feels and makes you close to the nature. It will calm your mind and everything around you feels light. Try to color the ceiling like a blue sky to make it more relaxing.


Have a great wallpaper that easily shows your personality without getting any space from your bedroom. How great it would be if it will stand out and contrast to the other things inside your room. Show yourself in the obvious manner, because that is our goal have your own and self-design bedroom.


It is not only in events like a wedding or a party, you can also have your own motif in designing your bedroom. Be more artistic and unique for your motif. Whether it will be flowery, comic style or like you are in a beach. It will help your mind trick that you are in a different world and all you have to do is relax.

Glow in the dark

You can make your bedroom glow by using a glow in the dark paint. You can design it as if you are in the Outerspace which all the stars and planets. It is every unique way in designing your bedroom especially you like space themes. Glow as you turn of the lights.

Get Colorful

Make your room colorful as your life. Don’t forget to put different meaning in each color your will choose to make your room more personalize and memorable. Colorful theme can make your room release good vibes and light feelings. That what we want having a good and light feelings before we go to sleep.

Be Creative

Space is the limit you put your crafts and art and choose a different piece from it. Just like have a chair instead of a study table near your bedside. The walls will sconce and it will help you free up some space of your wall.

These are just some of all the ideas we got, you can still find many things in the internet. Use it to add your ideas to make your bedroom looks more you, and homey, more like it will become your personal space and best it will turn into a sanctuary. Hiring an interior designer too will help you because they are expert in doing it, just don’t be shy to give your ideas and what do you want to put. Don’t stress it out and just have fun

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