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What to look for in carpet cleaning 

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Carpet cleaning is not as easy as it seems. Cleaning a carpet efficiently don’t only require a vacuum and some equipment and follow the manual and that’s it, your carpet is clean. 

carpet cleaning

There are certain procedures in every type of carpet so it is best to look for camarillo carpet cleaning to get the job done effectively. Having a professional do the cleaning will not only save you money I the long run but will also save your time and increase the lifespan of your carpet. Carpet adds impression to your home so in order for your carpet to look at its best, have it cleaned thoroughly and properly and to do this, hire a professional who has proper training. 

Over 80% of the dirt in your carpet can be removed through vacuum cleaning, every professional knows this. Although it is time consuming but this is really important and a great carpet cleaner will not bother if he or she will take time in doing the vacuum.  

All chemicals use in carpet cleaning is not the same. If you think that your chemical is great for cleaning and you want to do it yourself, think again. Every type of carpet material requires certain cleaning agent. A professional cleaner knows exactly what type of cleaner to be use in your carpet like for example, if you have a wool carpet, it will get damaged if you are using cleaning agent with PH level of over 9 but your olefin carpet needs at least PH level of 13 or at least and for nylon carpet, it is best to use cleaners that don’t exceed with PH level of 10. If this is not considered, your carpet will lose its factory applied protective layer for stains. Certain stain of spills also requires different procedures when cleaning so be sure to ask about this to your cleaning service professional on how to first aid the spills in your carpet unless you want the stain to become permanent in the future or you want to have a professional service every time you have carpet spills. A good carpet cleaner will gladly give you some tips on how to properly maintain these stains on your carpet. 

There are also trucks mounted cleaner if your carpet needs extreme cleaning due to heavy traffic in your carpet. This is generally used in business establishments that do not have time removing their carpet and bring outside for cleaning. Although you can use portable carpet cleaning equipment but portable equipment is not as powerful enough to clean your carpet thoroughly. Dirt in your carpet could be visible but almost about 80% of the carpet dirt is at the bottom layer of your carpet that portable equipment can’t reach this is why you will need stronger equipment in removing this soils and small stones for this could wear and tear your carpet in the long run if not removed. It will cost you for the cleaning but it will save you money in the long run and you will not have to replace your carpet early as expected. In addition, these mounted truck cleaners will have a complete process of carpet cleaning than your portable equipment from the vacuuming up to the washing and removing water from your carpet leaving your carpet clean and fresh. 

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